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Women in tech – what should I know?

Women in tech – what should I know? As PwC revealed in their 2017 report, ‘Women in Tech; Time to close the gender gap‘, only 23% of people working in STEM roles in the UK were female, and a measly 5% of leadership positions in the technology industry were occupied by women. Unfortunately, three years […]
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Deriving knowledge from Knowledge Graphs

Deriving knowledge from Knowledge Graphs The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. -Socrates The word ‘knowledge’ is a word used so often in our daily lives, without a universally accepted conceptual reference. The terms, ‘data and information’ and ‘information and knowledge’, are often used synonymously. However, as argued by Min Chen and […]
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Audit ethics and technology – what is it?

Audit ethics The role of technology in audit The audit profession is beginning to get to grips with the practical implications of new technology. According to Sage, 58% of accountancy professionals are expecting to automate some tasks using Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the next three years. And where the rest of the profession leads, audit […]
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What is a Common Data Model?

Many of today’s organisations have numerous applications and systems that all perform different functions. From Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications, and accounting systems – typically these systems exist in silos. In addition to siloed systems, organisations usually have spreadsheets, emails and other documents. These systems and files can add […]
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12 lessons learned from 1 year in business

Engine B – 1 year in business Regulation is a driver for innovation In the world of audit, regulators are pushing to open the market to greater competition to increase the quality of services. These regulatory drivers mean the audit industry must change to provide digitised services to clients. These regulations have been a key […]
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