Imagine if all the data across your entire organisation was easy to find, share and leverage, through a unique, industry supported solution, that creates a perfect balance between risk and innovation


An open access, industry standard Data Platform, with clean, comprehensive and secure information. 


Dynamic Knowledge Graphs, expertly designed to release the power behind the Data Model.


Unlocking opportunity for state of the art, next generation applications and data intelligence.

As the world digitises and B2B services become more data dependent, Engine B will enable intelligent corporate data access at the speed and quality demanded by the digital age.

With a ground-breaking common data model and the creation of dynamic Knowledge Graphs, Engine B will bring equal access and exponential benefit for all organisations, large and small. 

Our inherent aim is to serve organisations and their clients according to demand and open the door for all sectors and companies to advance their digital expansion. 


Working alongside the Professional Services industry and with an initial focus on Audit, our mission is to open up company to company interactions, through facilitating next generation technology. Once embedded, firms and businesses can focus exclusively on service excellence, augmented by the data revolution and all enabled through Engine B.

Now imagine what your business could achieve.


Engine B’s ambition is to create the equivalent of Open Banking for Corporate Data. Through setting standards across audit, tax and legal and engineering an open data platform, Engine B will enable vendor access, client control of their data and regulatory assurance within a controlled, consistent environment.

In the absence of a standard industry wide model, some audit firms have developed their own data models. These operate in silos and as the audit rotates to a new audit firm, the incoming auditor has their own data model. These are a necessity but add no value.

  But what if:

  • Audit firms agreed one set of data models, made them Open Source and available to all?

  • A common data access platform is installed in all  clients, underpinned by Knowledge Graphs to access the data?


A knowledge graph acquires and integrates information and provides a programmatic way to model a knowledge domain with the help of subject-matter experts, data interlinking, and machine learning algorithms.

In simple terms

  • It’s a graph. Relationships are first-class citizens and the links between data add huge value, as well as flexibility.


  • It’s semantic or self-descriptive and has a natural language-like representation, making it easy to query and explore.


  • It’s smart. Inference can uncover hidden knowledge that is too complex for human cognition, and being a graph means you can apply various graph-computing techniques and algorithms.

  • It’s alive. You can use a knowledge graph to store information in a form that is easy to reuse


Working collaboratively to drive innovation is key. Engine B brings together technology houses, key industry players, end clients, new start-ups, regulators and investors, each bringing essential contextual knowledge into the data layer.


This ensures we have a single entity that doesn't compete with professional services players, but instead allows these players to work together.


Identifying and commissioning the use cases that are generic to all without IP constraints.

Demonstrating innovation and an ability to work together for end clients and regulatory bodies.


Developing use cases for their own clients or internal use.

Accelerating their own transformation, accessing a rapid and agile start-up environment.


Supporting the development of the ecosystem and providing access to talent to incubate the ecosystem.

Support in set-up and creation of Labs and creating strong links between professional services and academia.


Greater innovation and speed of delivery of new, digitally delivered solutions.


Opportunities to co-create and identify use cases to support their business transformations.

What does Engine B look like in practice?

This example use case brings to life the way Engine B can transform Audit practice.