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Currently, data used by professional and legal firms to provide their services is somewhat archaic.

Unstructured and siloed, organising and analysing this data is laborious, time-consuming and potentially inaccurate.

Which could expose both firm and client to a number of risks.

But what if all firms could use a single, open-source solution, that securely holds client data?

A solution that also enables unsurpassed provision for accountancy, audit, advisory and legal services at record speed and accuracy? 

Bringing intelligent corporate data access to life

To unlock state of the art innovation

Find out what Engine B can ignite for you


The Change Maker illustration

The Change Maker

Innovation is risky and expensive. It’s also vital. And in a world where demand increases at every moment, speed is of the essence.

We understand the conflict between your clients’ expectation and your desire for service excellence. Having to accommodate the pressures of both cost reduction and increased quality is a constant tension. But what if you could make compromising a thing of the past?​

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Engine B is a cross industry initiative that will transform corporate interactions through the digital revolution. Our platform, supported by dynamic Knowledge Graphs, will enable intelligent data access and analysis at high speed and with pinpoint accuracy.

Leaving you to focus exclusively on your value and your clients.

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The Innovator illustration

The Innovator

Being profitable in an increasingly competitive market continues to be the number one challenge for any business. Innovative thinking is key.

You expect excellence from your service providers at a reasonable cost. Yet nobody knows your business like you. How could any team of consultants truly understand what your company has created over the years? It would take an army to gather the wealth of that data.

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But imagine if all the information, across your entire organisation was easy to find, share and leverage? Where safely and securely, a unique, industry supported solution could inform your strategic decisions at the click of a button.

Engine B’s mission is to accelerate organisational digital growth by supporting all sectors and industries with data innovation. You might even qualify to be one of our trailblazing adopters. ​
Now imagine how much more your business could achieve.

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The Custodian illustration

The Custodian

Change is needed. You’ve been able to see the necessity for industry wide transformation for a long time. However, a new horizon has now appeared.

Engine B is a purpose-led, cross-sector enterprise that will enable intelligent corporate data access at the speed and quality demanded by the digital age.

With a ground-breaking common data model and the creation of dynamic Knowledge Graphs, Engine B will bring equal access and exponential benefit for all firms, large and small. ​

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We are here to serve the industry and open the door for all firms and organisations to accelerate their digital growth. Increasing speed and quality of service while meeting every regulatory requirement, every time, without fail.

Supported by the ICAEW, we are collaborating with professional services and legal as well as industry-leading Academic institutions to bring Engine B to life.

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How it works

Engine B is, quite simply, a data solution. Although primarily created for the professional and legal services industries, the impact will be exponential in its reach.

In clear terms Engine B provides:

A set of data models, which are open source and available to all.

These data models can be installed with clients to capture and house client information in an intelligent data access platform.

Client data can then be interrogated and analysed through dynamic knowledge graphs.

Knowledge Graphs are a programmatic way to model information. They can uncover hidden data and relationships that are too complex for human cognition through applying various graph-computing techniques and algorithms. Find out how a Knowledge Graph works in practice.

And if you’re a firm, or an organisation which uses professional services and you want to know more, get in touch via the form below.

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