Behind the scenes with Engine B’s Head of Marketing

Engine B - May 6th, 2021

Who’s behind the voice of Engine B? We talk to Lindsay Ross, Head of Marketing and Communications at Engine B, to find out a little more!

What led you to become a tech marketer?

Head of Marketing

Lindsay Ross, Head of Marketing and Communications at Engine B

My career sort of shaped itself. I studied Economics at university, as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do career-wise when I was a ‘grown-up’. The degree gave me the flexibility to embark on several career options. While at University, I specialised in Marketing Management, which I found let me use a mix of creativity and business strategy, a useful combination. It was at this point, that I decided this was what I would prefer a career in.

Regards the tech-marketing element, I sort of fell into that. I was lucky to secure a ‘Graduate into Business’ placement with an engineering company in Glasgow, then after that, I went on to work in tech and also for myself for a few years. For the next 20 years (giving my age away here!), my career has followed the tech-marketing path, in particular, helping tech SMEs to grow their business.

What do you think are the hardest parts of the job?

For tech-marketing, in a business-to-business (B2B) environment, the hardest part is understanding a) the end-users pain points and b) the psychology of the end-user and c) how the tech works.

a) You are rarely ever the end-user in B2B tech marketing, so you have to understand the pain points really well. For example, at Engine B, I had to quickly get to grips with the day-to-day job of an auditor, what their current challenges are, complex market regulations, and what would make their working life easier.

b) Psychology was seldom part of the B2B story up until a few years ago. It was more synonymous with B2C marketing. In B2B, the typical stance was people bought your products to, make money, save money or comply with a regulation. However, times have changed for the better! There is a psychological element to B2B. E.g., Audit technology can help an auditor do their job better and increase their worth in the workplace. Perhaps a buying reason that wouldn’t immediately spring to mind!

c) Being in tech marketing for 20 plus years, I have had to get to grips with numerous types of tech. From Master Data Management using probabilistic matching, reconciliation software using deterministic matching and unique technology that uses algorithms to allow real-time connection to the electricity grid. At Engine B, I spent the first month absorbing the audit tech we develop and why it is unique in the industry. These have all challenged me in some way, especially on starting a new job. This is by far one of the toughest parts of marketing. You don’t need to be a technology expert to market, but you need to know enough to market well. And of course, my lovely colleagues are always on-hand to help me out!

What do you like best about working at Engine B?

Some of the team at Engine B

What a clique this is going to sound like! But, we really are very close-knit, an extended family. Every birthday is marked by a lovely company message in Teams. Some of us chat on Teams over the weekend. More recently about Line of Duty! And pictures of first outings since lockdown. The company has achieved a wonderful balance in culture. Relaxed enough to let you breathe and shine and supportive enough to help and assist when you need it most.

The audit technology is very exciting as there really is nothing like it in the market. The hard part is pulling out the unique differentiators and communicating those industry-wide to make sure auditors everywhere know why they should use our tech!

What does a typical day at Engine B look like?

Head of Marketing

The real Head of Marketing – Lindsay’s cat, Mr M!

It varies greatly, depending on which campaigns are running. In March, the main focus was our flagship event with ICAEW, which was a huge success with over 130 registered. The feedback and interest after have been phenomenal. There are many processes in place for the frequency of content on social media, regulatory responses and guides/papers and videos.

I have not met any of my colleagues face to face yet, so all my work since starting has been conducted on Teams. I can’t wait to get some meetings in the diary where we can all have wine and work!

What do you think Engine B is doing differently from its competitors?

Made by auditors, for auditors!

This title is a snappy way to differentiate us. It’s easy enough for tech experts to develop tech products, but Engine B develops all its audit tech products through auditors. Who knows best what they need than the end-user?

We have a selection of products – Audit Common Data Model, Audit Knowledge Graphs (we are working on a new Knowledge Graphs explainer video, so hang fire!), Fraud and anomaly detection for auditors, data ingestion and mapping. The beauty of our audit product suite is that you can use them all, to glean the most value or pick and choose what you need, depending on firm size and maturity.

Some quick differences for reference are:

  • We extract the full General ledger (GL) – Most audit technology companies only extract a subset of the ledger. With Engine B you have all the ledger data you need for an audit.
  • We extract a full ERP system including subledgers like accounts payable and receivable. Allows multi-way matching of transactions to invoices, purchase or sales orders and similar. Enables controls or business-process focused audit at the click of a button.
  • Only Engine B uses the ICAEW supported data model right now.
  • Only Engine B extracts unstructured data (PDFs, contracts, invoices etc). Unstructured data extraction companies exist, but they don’t also extract structured data, so you need something to connect it up to your audit data.

Download our comparison guide

Check out our new comparison guide, which goes into a lot more detail on why Engine B’s audit technology products are unique.

What impact are you hoping Engine B will have?

Engine B is a cross-industry offering, so we have legal, tax, insurance and other common data models which let you include data from other experts seamlessly when you’re relying on them for making audit judgements. Working with Microsoft on its Open Data Initiative and the ICAEW, we will truly transform the digitisation of professional services.

We are purpose-driven first and we are building tools where the market is failing to provide solutions, in specific audit pain points where technology hasn’t made good in-roads yet.

We want to support new regulations that improve audit quality and drive competition, helping firms of all sizes to compete. We are transforming the professional services industry one step at a time. And very soon, every auditor globally will know our name!

Want to know more about the team? Read our behind the scenes interview with Engine B’s Full Stack Developer, Pierre Pauly.

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