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Data lakes

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A smarter way to build data lakes

The world of senior management is becoming increasingly more complex. There are constantly changing regulations, pressures to meet environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria and a need to create ongoing strategic agility. At the same time, organisations are under pressure to accelerate digitisation and innovation.

At the heart of all these issues is data -  it’s quality, sources, lineage, and discoverability. Many companies are still unsure how best to handle all their data and they are also being charged with an even more complicated task: harnessing meaningful insights from data.

Pair your data lake with normalised data

Engine B’s Common Data Model (normalised data) and Knowledge Graphs were initially designed for professional services firms to help them make sense of structured (finance systems) and unstructured (invoices, contracts etc) data. For example, firms can leverage one source of audit common data then interrogate and analyse the data in a powerful, context-driven way, using audit Knowledge Graphs.

Now, we offer the same next-generation solutions to any organisation, no matter its sector. Pairing our Common Data Model and Knowledge Graphs with your data lake helps you to hold, process, and analyse structured and unstructured data.

Transformational together - Common Data Model, Data Lakes and Knowledge Graphs

Data lakes are typically used in conjunction with traditional enterprise data warehouses (EDWs). However, a data warehouse contains widely varied types of data and datasets that are not easily linked, can contain dirty data and do not always contain unstructured data (data such as emails, PDFs, spreadsheets).

Our Common Data Model normalises your data, both structured and unstructured sources, giving you a clean and solid data foundation for your data lake.

Our Knowledge Graphs sit on top of your data lake, making your data even more discoverable. Our Knowledge Graphs join up with different data sources to create new views or even build regulatory control processes that check the integrity of the Knowledge Graph, proactively.

The combination of these powerful data solutions allows you to drive greater insights from the data you have, establish new data relationships across different sources, and manage your organisation proactively with data.

If you want to minimise regulatory risk, drive higher-quality management decisions or create an innovation platform then, get in touch with us.  Our data solutions are compatible with various applications and many of the Microsoft Power Platform applications, which can access our data models directly.

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