Behind the scenes with Andreas Loucas

Engine B - July 9th, 2021
As part of our ‘Behind the scenes’ series, we talk to Data Science Intern, Andreas Loucas, about his passion for data science and how his intership at Engine B is helping to carve out a future career in the medical industry.

Tell us a little about your role at Engine B

My role here at Engine B as a Data Science Intern involves the management of one of our independent projects. The goal of the project is to apply Native Graph Technology in combination with anomaly detection methods to identify fraudulent activities within the audit fraud domain. This is an opportunity for me to explore the anomaly detection domain together with Knowledge Graph algorithms and investigate how a visualisation of a graph can help empower auditors against audit fraud. I have been given a lot of freedom to apply various procedures that I find appropriate, which has been a great experience.

I am working very closely with the company’s Data Scientist, Ioannis Efstathiou, and we have daily meetings to discuss the project’s progress and ways to improve it. In addition to this, I have daily contact with the company’s Knowledge Engineer, Symeon Vasileiadis, where we discuss suspicious graphs identified and methods that could increase the precision of the program. I am also in regular communication with Engine B’s Head of Audit and Ethics, Franki Hackett, who helps me to understand concepts from the financial and audit domain and can confirm if I have indeed captured fraudulent activities within the data.

How have your studies informed your work at Engine B?

I have BSc Degree of Data Science & Analytics, which was mostly Computer Science based, and I am currently on the road to accomplishing a MSc of Data-Intensive Analysis, which is mostly mathematical based. Mixing these two worlds has helped to improve my understanding and apply more efficient methods in the Big Data space. From my studies, I have improved my programming experience, and knowledge of statistical thinking which allows me to understand how the machine learning algorithms work together with their strengths and weakness and ways to apply them to real life situations.

Here at Engine B, I am being exposed to a new domain of audit and graph databases, however, a lot of my work is based on machine learning and data analysis. Although I have had experience in these two domains during my studies, of course, I am still learning and applying new methods and mechanisms every day. For these methods, I follow the same strategy I followed during my studies which is: Research-Understand-Apply-Test. This means I research new topics to gain a better and precise understanding, I then apply the new methods and test them to be certain that I satisfy the requirements and the program is working appropriately.

What have you enjoyed most about your internship here so far?

I would like to say that the whole internship has been a life changing experience for me! This internship is the first time that I have been exposed to a corporate workplace and this helped me to understand how real life companies operate. It is one thing learning the knowledge and passing exams and it is another thing to apply that knowledge in work environment.

Engine B is a company that currently works remotely most of the time, and this has been another benefit of the internship. Learning how to apply the knowledge I have obtained and work remotely has helped me to develop further and challenge myself every day. However, the best part has to be the opportunity to work closely with industry experts! The whole team is so open to helping and mentoring interns, and this is something I am taking full advantage of.

What are your goals and aspirations for the future? How is Engine B helping you to achieve these?

My goal for the near future is to gain similar experiences from this internship, to keep learning from experienced professionals and to understand the Data Science world even more. My long term goal is to have the opportunity to be a successful Data Scientist in the medical industry. Engine B has already introduced me to contacts so I can expand my network and take the next step towards achieving this goal. In addition, I am being exposed to Native Graph technology which is also one of the main tools of medical data science.

Do you have any advice for anyone starting a new internship in your field?

My advice to new interns would be to try not to be nervous or stressed during the process! No-one expects us to know everything or to be an expert. When I joined Engine B, I had very little knowledge around what audit is and had no prior experience with Graph Technology. The company, and especially my supervisor Ioannis, helped me to understand these difficult concepts and mentored me through the whole process. I would always recommend asking questions – don’t be shy! The team is genuinely very friendly and more than happy to offer all the help necessary to help you grow and expand your knowledge.

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