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Fraud detection

Fraud detection illustration

Uncover and detect fraud quickly

Fraud Detection Knowledge Graph

Financial frauds are expensive and fraudsters are continually finding new ways to exploit monitoring systems. Many organisations try to tackle and identify fraud by analysing transactions or people in isolation. This method of fraud analyses has its limitations and prevents organisations from seeing the bigger picture.

Organisations need to adopt a context-driven view of information, one that uncovers connections across silos of information so data can be analysed in a meaningful and more intelligent way.

Fraud Detection using Knowledge Graphs

Fraud Detection using Knowledge Graphs

Engine B is focused on solving these challenges with our Fraud Detection Knowledge Graphs that allow organisations to interrogate and analyse their client’s data in a powerful, context-driven way.

Our Fraud Detection Knowledge Graphs detect data abnormalities or problematic records. For example, audit firms, are able to identify hidden anomalies in a client's data, make sense of huge data volumes and surface the most valuable connections to understand the context created. Our Fraud Detection Knowledge Graphs help organisations to:

  • Clearly identify more instances of fraud that would otherwise not been possible to see in traditional analyses tools.
  • Reduce the time it takes to investigate fraud.
  • Quickly eliminate non-fraudulent events.

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