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Sustainable Finance, ESG and Engine B

Download Engine B’s new paper, ‘Sustainable Finance, ESG and Engine B’, to learn more about audit technology’s crucial role in the context of ESG guidance.

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What's the difference between ontology and Knowledge Graphs?

Get a deep dive into the difference between ontology and Knowledge Graphs in this paper written by Symeon Vasileiadis, Knowledge Engineer at Engine B.

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EB Integration Engine

Access our new guide to understand how Engine B’s data ingestion product, EB Integration Engine, works with Microsoft Power BI, to solve data ingestion challenges and give auditors more control and consistency over their data extraction tools.

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The ultimate comparison guide to audit technology

Access our comparison guide to understand how Engine B’s selection of next-generation audit technology solutions differs from other audit technology products.

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A guide to anomaly detection in audit

Download Engine B’s guide to anomaly detection in audit to discover how Engine B’s unique anomaly detection technology is helping auditors to gain a laser-like focus on fraud risk.

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An auditor's guide to audit ethics in technology

Our guide, written by Engine B’s Head of Audit, Franki Hackett, explores the interaction of technology and ethics in addressing the problems in the audit market today and proposes a way forward on audit ethics.

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A guide to the Audit Common Data Model

Our guide explores the current challenges facing the audit sector and delves into our Audit Common Data Model and how it works with our Knowledge Graphs to deliver always-on audit.

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A guide to Knowledge Graphs

Our guide discusses the data challenges of today and delves into ways Knowledge Graphs are being used. The guide includes Knowledge Graphs for fraud detection, anomaly detection and auditing.

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Engine B business brochure

Our guide delves into Engine B’s mission to break down the barriers to accessing client data in the professional services sector and explores our next-generation product suite.

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