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Helping professional services firms unlock the value of their data

Helping professional services firms unlock the value of their data illustration

Leverage our professional services Common Data Models and Knowledge Graphs.

So you can unlock access to client data, intelligently evaluate risks, discover new opportunities and improve decision-making.

Legal sector


Enable continuous, always-on audit

Imagine not needing to extract and map client data over and over again (which typically takes up 30-40% of an auditors time), each time you perform an audit? What if an audit firm of any size could freely access one Common Data Model to audit any organisation without having to spend money on data extraction tools? Think of the enormous time, effort and cost savings for the auditor, and its clients.

Our Audit Common Data Model and Knowledge Graphs speed up audit processes and help auditors to unlock access to client data and make more informed intelligent decisions.

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Enabling industry-wide decision intelligence

Engine B’s Audit Knowledge Graph sits on top of the Audit Common Data Model giving auditors everywhere one, universal source of client data (structured and unstructured) that can be interrogated and analysed.

The Audit Common Data Model creates not only a base layer of quality data but universal data standards, thus enabling industry-wide decision-intelligence.

Common Data Models for professional services

Engine B is working with Microsoft, audit firms, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and educational intuitions to create Common Data Models across the audit, tax and legal sectors.


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knowledge graphs

Knowledge Graphs

Our Knowledge Graphs leverage data from our Common Data Models. This powerful duo super-charges data analysis, by using clean, standardised data and serving it up in a visual, context-driven way to improve intelligent decision-making.

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