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Accountancy Age: Audit reforms must not descend into ‘checklist’ exercise

Hear from Engine B’s Head of Audit and Ethics, Franki Hackett, as she discusses upcoming proposals to reform audit and corporate governance in the UK.

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Information Matters – Audit technology – made by auditors, for auditors

Information Matters interviews Engine B’s co-founder and CEO, Shamus Rae, to get an insight into how both structured and unstructured data can be managed at scale to ensure auditors can confidently ensure compliance.

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Accountancy Age video – Engine B and Deloitte

Watch Engine B’s Franki Hackett, Head of Audit Ethics and Technology, in this Accountancy Age video. Franki and James Brighton, partner at Deloitte, discuss how improvements in audit technology can enable auditors to improve audit quality, however “technology itself isn’t a silver bullet”.

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Bob’s guide – combating fraud payments

Hear from our CEO, Shamus Rae, as he discusses with bobs guide, the value of AI in removing and reducing fraud over the next 12 months.

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Has Covid left accounting and audit better prepared for Brexit?

Hear from Engine B’s CEO and Co-Founder, Shamus Rae as he discusses the impact of Brexit on the audit sector.

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The Future of Artificial Intelligence

What does the future of Artificial Intelligence look like? Hear from Engine B CEO, Shamus Rae, as he shares his predictions for 2021 in this article for The Fintech Times .

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Reimagining Common Data Models for next generation professional services

Oxford Brookes Business School is partnering on a pioneering Collaborative R&D project led by Engine B that is looking to transform the future of the professional services market.

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The Times: Use of AI to cut accounts scandals

“It would mean that some of the big audit failures that have happened recently, wouldn’t have happened,” said Shamus Rae, CEO at Engine B. Read our article in The Times, which discusses ICAEWs investment in Engine B and how we are using AI to shape the future of audit.

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ICAEW increases investment in Engine B

“Engine B is an exciting cross-industry initiative which will transform corporate transactions and access to data, and we are pleased to be playing an integral role.” Sharron Gunn, Executive Director for Members and Shared Services at ICAEW.

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The future of Audit

What is the future of audit? ‘When we consider audit reform, we have to place it in the context of audit failure.’ Catch up with Engine B CEO, Shamus Rae, in Accountancy Today, as he shares his thoughts on how auditors can work together to bring lasting, transformational change to the industry.

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Building the base data layer for corporates with Microsoft

‘This is building the base data layer across all corporate activity, not just one narrow vertical of data, but across all data stores in business.’ Catch up with Engine B CEO, Shamus Rae, in Artificial Lawyer, as he takes us through a product demonstration of the Common Data Model for Audit as well as Knowledge Graphs.

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The importance of Internships: Donne Burrows

Hear from Donne Burrows, COO at Engine B, as she evaluates the importance of internships and the role they have to play in shaping graduate recruitment and industries of the future.

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Inspirational Woman: Donne Burrows

“I believe there are barriers for women working everywhere but what I have seen in tech specifically is that there are still not enough senior women in tech roles. ”

Hear from Donne Burrows, COO at Engine B, as she shares what has inspired her throughout her career as well as some top tips for women in tech.

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From regulation to innovation

The second of CEO Shamus Rae’s series for Accountancy Today.

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Coronavirus must not slow the pace of audit reform

The first in a series of articles from our CEO Shamus Rae, on audit transformation in Accountancy Today.

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Will Covid-19 accelerate a shift in tech talent out of London?

Shamus Rae shares his thoughts with Computer Weekly on how the pandemic is changing work patters for the better.

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The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Professional Services

Engine B CEO, Shamus Rae, talks to Calum Chace at Forbes on how AI will shape the future of Professional Services.

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Software Sector Swings Further Towards ‘Industry-Specific’ Solutions

Engine B CEO Shamus Rae features in this article by Adrian Bridgwater on the continued rise in vertically-aligned industry-specific software application development.

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Coronavirus may delay EU AI roadmap

Shamus Rae talks to Shannon Moyer in Bob’s Guide about the EU AI roadmap and why it’s important that the Commission continue with their target.

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Engine B awarded £1.75m from Innovate UK

Coverage from National Technology of Engine B’s Innovate UK funding award.

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What happens to your business if you get COVID-19?

Shamus Rae shares his valuable insight with Management Today on keeping things ticking over while suffering with Covid 19.

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Coronavirus Diary: experiencing minimal disruption despite lockdown

In the essential Coronavirus Diaries, Nick Ismail at Information Age talked to Shamus about how Engine B is managing to keep working through the pandemic.

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Accountants Turn to Digital Processes

As much of the nation moves to remote working, now-essential cloud-based digital solutions may provide additional business value to firms of all sizes. Shamus Rae contributed to this piece by Shannon Moyer on how Engine B is supporting the move to digital services, which has been accelerated by the Covid 19 pandemic.

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