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Pioneers of professional services technology

The challenge

Issues around client data access are a significant barrier to unlocking the potential of artificial intelligence (AI). Data is often kept in data silos or legacy systems, which makes data extraction costly or locks an organisation into one supplier's data and analytics tools.

Common Data Models

Engine B is solving this challenge by working with Microsoft, thirteen audit firms, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and educational intuitions to create industry Common Data Models for professional services firms - across the audit, tax and legal sectors.

Knowledge Graphs

Engine B has also developed Knowledge Graphs that leverage data from our industry Common Data Models. This powerful duo super-charges data analysis, by using clean, standardised data and serving it up in a visual, context-driven way to improve intelligent decision-making.

The combination of our Common Data Models and Knowledge Graphs create a groundbreaking intellectual property for the professional services industry.

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