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Future of Audit

Access our Future of Audit event with the ICAEW. See a demonstration of how our Audit Common Data Model and Audit Knowledge Graphs work in tandem to provide any size of audit firm access to one common source of client data with intricate, context-driven decision-making capabilities.

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Accountancy Age - use of technology in audit

Accountancy Age interview: Hear from Engine B’s Franki Hackett, Head of Audit Ethics and Technology and James Brighton, Partner at Deloitte, as they discuss the role of regulators in encouraging greater use of technology, how the role of the auditor might change in years to come, and what an audit will look like in the future.

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Lloyds Banking Group Conference

Hear from Engine B’s CEO, Shamus Rae, as he shares his thoughts at the Lloyds Banking Group conference on how we ensure technology and data support business and society responsibly.

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Happy 1st birthday to Engine B

Engine B is celebrating one year in business!  Hear from Engine B’s Co-Founders, Shamus Rae and Donne Burrows, as they reflect on the past year and share how they are continuing to invest in and grow the Engine B team.

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Ignites: The Future of LegalTech

Catch up on our recent webinar for legal professionals, hosted by a leading panel of tech and legal experts. The webinar dives into legal technology, its future trajectory and how legal firms and services can benefit from embracing innovation. Find out about the implications of providing intelligent access to client data, from the change to business models and client relationships to the positive impacts on productivity and skills.

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The Engine B consortium

Engine B’s success depends heavily on the relationships we have forged with our industry partners. In this video, find out who we are working with and how each of our consortium members contributes their own expert knowledge to our Audit Common Data Model. Hear from Engine B, Microsoft, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW), and the University of Birmingham.

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